A1A artprint is a worldwide new inkjet print indicative of museum quality, and which is stable and protected against any sunlight rays. In regard to technology, it is based on the classical dye transfer procedure.

A1A artprint is manufactured on a firm, stiff image bearer. This is usually aluminium dibond (Alu-Dibond), whereby the pigments of the inkjet printer are embedded in a molecule matrix of acrylic glass and then preserved. Thanks to this, any reproduction of art is thus protected against ultraviolet rays, ozone, environmental factors and mechanical tensions and finally achieves a durability of more than 200 years.

A1A artprint is distinguished by an absolutely new display format: an immediate directness along with the highest image resolution and depth of colour currently possible. As a result of this, the haptics and optics introduced here now represent a completely new standard.

A1A artprint can be manufactured by choice as a photo paper having a matt or glossy finish. Conservation under glass or any other protective measure is now no longer necessary.

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